About Me

Who is Robert Gibbon (very strange speaking of myself in the third, the boring stuff:

In short, an entrepreneur and a motorcycle enthusiast, from mechanical to aftermarket, GP to Enduro. I consider myself an amateur rider but have been riding recreationally since I was 5 years old and have always had a passion for all things bike related. To the point where I actually turned my passion into a profession with RaceGear in 2007. A small custom bike business that ran for only a few years but produced hundreds of bikes for various agencies like Cayenne, DUCATI, Honda and private clientele. With many features in Bike SA and other local publications.

I soon realised having my passion as a business restricted my ability to enjoy it, so I then packed up shop and went on to travel Europe for two years.

When I came back to South Africa to visit for Christmas I found that my parents had an armed robbery and were assaulted. Being a pragmatist, I decided that if no one was going to do anything about the crime in the area, I would. Thus started a journey of entering the security sector with a few different partners and companies leading us to present day where I am the sole owner of a small but rapidly expanding security company called DUMA Tactical, we are only 3 years old and have already managed to secure more than 70% market share from major players in our areas. This was not achieved with a trust fund or lotto millions, it was through perseverance and ingenuity. So yes, I’m driven and extremely competitive but grounded and personable.

My Vision

My dream is to Race DAKAR. I want to show everyone young and old that if you believe in yourself and never give up ANYTHING is possible! You just need a plan and the perseverance to see it through to the end.

Buy branded products

We have some great adventure biking products in our shop.

These products are branded Amateur 2 Dakar and thus I will greatly benefit from your purchase. So thanks in advance!

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Sponsor my Dakar

I offer various ways to sponsor your business or brand on my bike, helmet or clothing. 

A sponsorship can get your business great visibility and leverage my online followers and presents.

Apart from that, it’s really COOL to have your name on a Dakar event!


Join My Competitions or Auctions

I always run a couple of competitions and auctions. For this, I have various Dakar and Adventure bike collectable items. Most of these items are signed products from previous Dakar riders or celebrities.

We have regular auctions at motorbike events. Visit one of these events and participate to get yourself a piece of Dakar history!



I'm keen to get involved and help.

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